We pursue the dream of becoming a leading technology company in the finance and real estate industries.

About Vistaland

Vistaland is a technology company operating in the field of Real Estate, officially launched in early 2017. With a team of senior personnel in many fields, Vistaland develops an online real estate distribution system based on maps, providing the perfect brokerage service, creating a smart, high-performance Real Estate buying, selling, and rental process, based on a combination of modern technology and sales consultants. head.

Team of Vistaland

Vistaland experts will be connected with buyers through the process of finding apartments / houses or real estate that buyers are interested in. Besides, through intelligent data-driven system, buyers and specialists are also connected from Vistaland's professional sales process to provide in-depth, local and regional insights to Provide buyers with the most insightful information. In the process of searching any house, Vistaland's experts will help buyers to select real estate to see and visit directly, accompany buyers and provide an in-depth perspective to assess with the customers. suitability and potential of the house. The expert also assists clients in carrying out paperwork to complete the real estate transaction process.

Real estate portfolio on Vistaland

Vistaland is a service website that can be accessed anywhere, besides - Vistaland trading floor is a place where transactions under a real estate trading floor permit are concentrated branches of local real estate transactions, Next site.